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"I chose Operations Abroad Worldwide due to the speed that they could get my operation done and their superb reputation.

I cannot fault any area of the total service I received. I felt totally respected at all times"

- Armanda Peralta,
Patient treated in Germany


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80 Hospitals in 40 Countries

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Jennie Lane

Jennie Lane

Jennie chose the Czech Republic for her hip replacement.

"I don't have any problems with the hip now – hoping to get back into the swing of gardening this spring as I missed out on it a lot last year. Back also to mucking out the horses so things slowly getting back to normal.

It was such a right decision to have the op done in the Czech Republic rather than wait another 18 months on the Welsh NHS waiting list in pain (and at my age, 65, every year counts!). I thoroughly recommend your website to anyone who is considering taking that step – they have no need to fear."

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Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander

Joseph chose to go to Norway for his much needed ligament surgery.

"Initially I was apprehensive, because I have never had an operation. Let alone go abroad to have one. This soon changed after discussing my concerns with Operations Abroad. All in all it was a pleasant experience and worth every penny. Everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful at the hospital. One person did stand out - Nime! She was the nurse that looked after me at the hospital. She had an aura of kindness and sincere warmth that made me feel like I was the most important person."

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Thomas Connolly

Thomas Connolly

Thomas went to Switzerland for his triple heart bypass

"My wife came with me and we shared a room. All the flights and travel arrangements were made for us so we had no trouble at all. I have had a new lease of life since I had the operation three years ago and I can thoroughly recommend it. I would tell anyone who needs an operation to just go ahead and get it done."

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Armando Peralta

Armando Peralta

Armando went to Germany for a spinal fusion operation.

"My main reason for going abroad was to avoid the waiting lists and I could not wait in pain any longer.

I chose Operations Abroad Worldwide due to the speed that they could get my operation done and their superb reputation. I cannot fault any area of the total service I received. I felt totally respected at all times. I would say it was excellent value for money and there were no hidden extras or charges. All in all after having been in a number of hospitals throughout the world I would rate the hospital in Germany by far the best with dedicated doctors and staff. I would rate the whole experience as excellent from when I first enquired to when I returned back to the UK following my operation."

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Patricia Leonard

Patricia Leonard

Patricia chose Malaga for her hiatus hernia and gallbladder surgery.

"The hospital was fantastic! I was treated so very well and 6 days after the operations I had the stitches out. I am now looking forward to enjoying my life pain free. Thank you so much for all your assistance and as soon as I get a chance I am going to put something up on facebook to let my friends know about your scheme and how wonderful the hospital was."

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Alan Walters

Alan Walters

Alan went to the Czech Republic for his hip replacement.

"My main reason for going abroad was to obtain my hip replacement at an affordable price. I chose Operations Abroad as they came highly recommended and I liked the fact they took care of the total package for me. I was extremely satisfied with everything and I would highly recommend Operations Abroad to anyone needing an operation."

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