Operations Abroad Worldwide Ltd - The Pioneers of the Medical Travel Industry in the UK.

Operations Abroad Worldwide Ltd was established in 1999 by an accountant called Kenneth Taylor.

Kenneth noticed the variations in medical costs between different countries while he was doing consultancy and advisory work for a travel insurance business.

Waiting lists in the UK for NHS treatment were increasing and he decided to look into the possiblity for UK patients to travel abroad for their medical treatment.

Between 1999 and 2001, Kenneth spent his time researching which hospitals to work with and worked with various foreign embassies and consuls to source the right hospitals for English patients.

In 2001. the company was the first UK based company to arrange for a patient from the UK to travel abroad for medical treatment. The patient from Stockport travelled to Thessaloniki in Greece for a knee replacement.

This attracted widespread interest from national, regional and local media & TV news channels who followed the patient’s journey to Greece and the business quickly took off.

Unfortunately Kenneth passed away very suddenly in 2003 after battling with melanoma cancer.

The company was then taken forwards by Kenneth’s daughter, Ruth Taylor, who is now the CEO of the company.

Ruth has been the driving force of the company ever since and her passion is ensuring that patients receive the very highest standards in medical treatment in as quick a timescale as possible.

The company now has a network of 80 hospitals in 40 countries throughout the world and arranges medical treatment for patients from all over the world.

Ruth personally selects every hospital that we work with and ensures that every hospital is of an extremely high standard with the latest technologies and highly advanced medical expertise.

Ruth’s philosophy is that every patient should be treated and cared for in the same way that you would expect one of your family to be treated and to provide all patients with a very personalised level of service at all times so that patients feel relaxed and safe travelling abroad for their medical treatment with Operations Abroad Worldwide.


Ruth Taylor, CEO

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