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magazine front cover.jpgAfter 20 years experience in the Medical Travel, Medical Tourism & Wellness Tourism market, it was found that there is a great lack of knowledge about healthcare facilities and treatments abroad with many people being unaware of the high standards of treatments offered throughout the world.

There are also so many destinations abroad which are unknown for medical treatment and their high standards.

Also there are surgery techniques & procedures readily performed abroad which are unknown in the UK and not available due to many things like costs, surgeon availability and expertise.

With more people than ever before travelling for medical reasons, we found there is a pressing need for greater information on the subject.

So.. our sister company created a magazine specifically focusing on Medical Travel, Spa Travel & Wellness Travel to engage and inform readers about the standards of medical treatments abroad and to really raise awareness about the medical travel & wellness tourism industry.

One of the main aims of the magazine is to raise awareness about the medical travel industry in general, as well as to educate and raise perceptions amongst readers about the safety and quality of medical treatment outside of the UK together with information on how to live a healthier life, with articles on anti-aging, detox, thermal water treatments, spa breaks, fitness, nutrition and much more.

The information presented can also help those currently considering travelling overseas for medical treatment to make an informed choice.

The magazine also provides a business to business focus for companies looking to enter the market or for companies already established in the marketplace who wish to increase their customer base.

The magazine delivers articles written by absolute experts in the medical travel, healthcare industry & wellness tourism indsutrry who have over 20 years experience in the industry.

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