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Your health is so very important and we believe you deserve the best.

We are dedicated to providing exceptionally high levels of service to our patients.

We are the UK's Leading Overseas Healthcare Provider and we have been established since 1999.

We have successfully treated over 86,000 patients abroad with zero patients experiencing attributed post-surgery complications.

We have a network of 80 Internationally Approved Hospitals in 40 countries. Each hospital is chosen by Operations Abroad only after a meticulous selection process which confirms the hospital as being amongst the best medical providers in their respective location.

There are no waiting times for any type of treatment and patients can usually travel abroad for their operation within 7 days.

For urgent surgery cases we can arrange treatment within 24 hours.

We excel in quick diagnosis for our patients. Patients can have their required diagnostic tests and the results are given by the doctor on the same day. (except for specific lab tests which might take longer).

We provide all our patients with a Fixed Surgery Price which includes a complete level of care - diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation. There are considerable cost savings compared to having self-funded medical treatment in the UK.

We arrange all types of medical treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

We take great pride in providing a highly personalized service for every one of our patients and every patient is treated with respect and dignity at all times.

We focus on achieving proven medical and surgical results whilst ensuring standards of Clinical Excellence.

Our 3 core principles are:-

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