GP Referral

You can refer your patients directly to Operations Abroad in 3 ways:-

Direct by phone

You can refer your patients directly to Operations Abroad by calling our dedicated GP department : 0800 081 0018

Direct Referral

You will need to be registered with us, with your own username and password. Once registered you can then directly refer patients to us with the online referral form.

To register, please click here

Patient Referral

You may provide our contact details directly to your patient, so they can contact us at their own convenience. Please provide your patients with a referral letter detailing their medical condition and the required treatment needed.

Once the referral has been made, Operations Abroad will then make all the necessary arrangements for the patient’s medical treatment whilst liaising throughout with the patient.

We will also keep the GP fully up dated with the patient’s progress.

Once the surgery has been completed, the GP will be provided with all the medical notes relating to the patient’s medical treatment.

GP Referral & Patient Confidentiality

GP Referral

You must register and login to access our online referral section.

The registration process is easy – we need your Name, Practice Details, Email address and GMC Number.

Practice staff can also register in case they wish to also submit online referrals on behalf of their GP’s,

Once registered, you can log in and you can use our online form to make an instant, and secure patient referral to Operations Abroad Worldwide.

You can also upload any medical reports, referral letters, or diagnostic results such as x ray, MRI, CT etc.

Patient Confidentiality

Operations Abroad Worldwide have ensured that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that our online referral system is safe and secure in respect of safeguarding patient’s confidential medical records information.

We have created an in house system that does not send any of this information by email.

The GP referral form is encrypted as you would find with online banking pages ensuring extremely high levels of data protection.

Once you submit the information to Operations Abroad Worldwide, one of our dedicated GP team will receive a notification that a new referral has been received.

Our team will then access our secure system and retrieve and process the patient referral.
We will also keep you fully informed as to the progress of the patient.

If you have any further questions about anything in relation to the above, then please feel free to contact one of our GP Team on 00 44 161 236 3211 or by email at

GPs Working Together with Operations Abroad Worldwide

We work directly with GP’s to improve their patient’s experience.

Increase your patient satisfaction by working together with us to get your patients treated quickly & safely.

If you would like further information please contact us on 00 44 161 236 3211.


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