The USA is renowned for having some of the very best health facilities in the world, and Operations Abroad are proud to have signed up some of the very best in Chicago and Florida.

With regular direct flights to both destinations from many UK airports, it gives patients the opprtunity to experience some of the World's finest healthcare.

Chicago is a true gem of a city - something the locals have known for years. Surrounded by open waterways that bisect the city and lead into the vast Lake Michigan, the blue water reflecting the modern skyscrapers that dominate the skyline, Chicago is a city that fills your senses and takes your breath away. There are a million places to visit and things to do in Chicago. Top restaurants - including the continents leading restaurant - will set your tastebuds on fire. Nightlife for every inclination, shopping experiences that will make your head spin and museums and culture that can be discovered on every corner of the city. From shopaholics and sports enthusiasts to thrill seekers and foodies, Chicago has something for everyone.

The Palm Beaches in Florida are spectacular in every sense of the word. Ranked amongst the worlds best luxury and summer vacation destinations, it offers everything that a tourist could desire. From opulent luxury resorts and hotels, to affordable upscale accommodations, to amazing culinary experiences, trendy shops and boutiques of worldwide fame. It also offers vibrant nightlife that offers every kind of entertainment a visitor could wish for. The Palm Beaches boast forty seven miles of pristine beaches where sunshine can be enjoyed an average of 234 days of the year. It has a staggering collection of attractions, cultural venues and one of a kind experiences all served up with the finest southern hospitality, making it fully deserving of its title as Americas First Resort Destination. Its location on the east coast of Florida offers ideal access for visitors who wish to explore other parts of Florida to the North and to the South. Orlando and its attractions are two hours drive away to the north, whilst the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale is just a 30 minute drive south and the cosmopolitan city of Miami, only one hour drive away. Palm beach has been described by its founding father Henry Flagler in the 19th century, as a veritable paradise. That holds more true today making it a stunning world class destination for the discerning traveler who desires the very best.


Leading Hospital in Florida

Established in 1967, this leading Regional Hospital has focused its efforts and resources on one mission and purpose - the health and welfare of the patients it treats.

Leading Hospital Group in Florida

This leading hospital group has a family of ten, comprehensive, acute care hospitals operated by compassionate, highly trained healthcare professionals equipped with advanced medical technology.

Leading Hospital in Chicago

This leading Hospital is a leading 236-bed healthcare facility providing a full range of medical and surgical services where patients receive leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options.

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