Austria – The 4th Best Healthcare System in the World

Austria ranked 4th in the Top 10 Healthcare Systems in the World in 2022.

It has a two-tier healthcare system, with basic publicly-funded medical care provided to nearly all and private healthcare available for those that want better quality or faster access.

Austria has a higher doctor-to-patient ratio than the average in Europe, giving residents more choice and lower waiting times than other countries.

Basic public healthcare includes treatment in well-equipped hospitals, basic dental care, medication and certain specialist consultations.

Whilst public healthcare is of great quality, many choose to also utilise private healthcare, for added benefits such as smaller wards and easier access to medical professionals.

Vienna – the world’s most liveable city

For the third time in the past five years, Vienna captured the first spot in the 2022 Global Liveability Index.

World-famous attractions, diverse cultural offers, magnificent “shopping miles” and its first-class medical facilities make it a top destination for health travel.

Vienna – the cradle of medicine

The Vienna Medical School (shortly “Wiener Schule”) has a long history: between the second quarter of the 18th century and the second quarter of the 20th century, the most groundbreaking medical achievements came from Vienna.

Vienna’s first “modern” hospital originated around 1754, at the behest of Maria Theresia’s personal physician.
Since this time Vienna has developed into a world-class medical hub. Pioneering research projects are currently underway at the Medical University of Vienna, in the fields of cancer research, medical imaging and cardiology, neurosciences, immunology among others.

The Medical University of Vienna is one of the Europe’s most traditional medical institutions and research centers in Europe. With around 8,000 students, it is currently the largest medical university in the German-speaking world and one of the most innovative and significant research centers in Europe.

The physicians of Vienna’s private clinics are available for simple consultations, comprehensive check up programmes and complex surgical procedures.

All hospitals along with inpatient care offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs.

Linz – A Lively, Modern City

Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and third-largest city in Austria. Sitting on the river Danube, the city is located in the far north of Austria, 30 km south of the border with the Czech Republic.

Linz is primarily known as a major industrial centre but also has a very picturesque historical old town including Austria's largest central square, surrounded by an impressive ensemble of Baroque architecture.  It is a cultural hub with numerous new museums and events.

The slogan of the city is "In Linz beginnt's" ("It starts in Linz").

This “City of Smart Tourism” has historic beauty aplenty: it's main square which is one of the largest in central Europe and its quaint Old town have a relaxed and authentic feel.
But Linz is also defined by a constant desire for change and innovation and has become a pioneer when it comes to culture, art, and technology.
The harbour is one europe’s biggest graffiti galleries and there are harbour cruises which are a lovely way to spend some time. There is an impressive cathedral, several museums, a zoo and a walkable city center.

Linz is a lively, modern city. It has a long and eventful history, and the architecture of its developed city centre with the baroque Hauptplatz is unique.

The city will delight with its urban lifestyle and exciting cultural scene.


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