Leading Orthopaedic Centre - Salzburg

For patients looking for the finest orthopaedic medical care in a stylish ambiance, this leading clinic in Austria could be the perfect location. Set in a magnificent position surrounded by beautiful scenery, the clinic offers cutting edge facilities with the comforts of an on-site four storey hotel.

Personal care, medical expertise and comprehensive treatment of the highest level are the trademarks of this private clinic. An experienced team of renowned specialists guarantees patients the highest standards of medical care supported by state-of-the-art surgical procedures, whether it's orthopaedics, neurosurgery, spinal and disc surgery or internal medicine and proctology.

Operating and treatment rooms come with the latest equipment, whilst their own laboratory and finely tuned team of medical specialists guarantee that patients receive comprehensive treatment at the highest level.

They offer:

  • First class environment with cutting edge treatment and special focus on patient safety, comfort and quality.
  • Well organised treatment procedures and short waiting times
  • A setting consciously designed to set patients at ease, reduce stress and promote physical wellbeing
  • Understanding, humane patient care taking into account the individual needs and personal wishes of every patient
  • Exceptional privacy including single rooms


  • Orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery (inc. operations to maintain joint health, minimally invasive joint replacement surgery such as hip TEP,knee TEP etc.
  • Neurosurgery and spinal orthopaedics (inc. minimally invasive spinal surgery, prolapsed discs, spondylolisthesis, spinal instability, stenosis, therapy for back pain
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