Leading Orthopaedic, Neurosurgery & Sports Medicine Hospital

We are a European center of excellence for advanced diagnostics, orthopaedics, spine surgery, pain treatment and a market leader in sports medicine. Our goal has been to build trust and to provide the best, most advanced care to all of our patients.

Our concept is simple, it includes integral healthcare where experts in their field take a multi disciplinary approach using the newest equipment and the latest treatment options to treat our patients in one place.

We are focused on “Patient-Centered Medicine", which focuses medical attention on the individual patient’s needs. We carefully work on care processes, and improving the service process for all our patients.

We constantly strive to improve our customer service as well as to invest in education, innovation and new technology. We believe that the driving force of our success is the total commitment and passion we put into everything we do.

The Hospital has brought together eminent medical experts who are constantly continuing their medical education as a guarantee of providing superior healthcare service for our patients.

The physicians of our hospital are affiliated with all four medical schools in Croatia while the hospital itself is a teaching hospital for the major universities and medical schools, and is licensed to carry out research in bio-medicine.

The defining characteristic of our hospital is that we continually deliver innovative services in the medical field.

For instance, the hospital is one of the few european institutions that started with applications of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for cartilage repair.

The hospital’s orthopaedic team, were the first in the region to perform Meniscal Transplant surgery. It’s an hour-long, outpatient, arthroscopic procedure that uses donor tissue to replace damaged meniscus, which can dramatically slow the onset of arthritis. In addition we are also applying a new biological treatment: meniscus replacement with a synthetic implant.

Furthermore, we integrate pharmacogenetics testing into clinical work.

At the best of our knowledge, we are the hospital with the lowest percentage of infections (0.6%), in comparison with any other hospital in South Eastern Europe.

Essentially, all these things make our growth of 30% year on year.
Patient’s safety and satisfaction are top priorities for our hospital, and we continually implement changes that result in significant improvements in the patient’s care.

Our medical teams play a remarkable role focusing on providing an individual and personalised patient experience.


We are extremely proud that we are a center of excellence for sports medicine, in terms of the expert staff and the cutting edge equipment we have.

Every professional athlete’s goal is to return to full sports activities as soon as possible after an injury.

We are the Official hospital of the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Official hospital of the Croatian Football Federation.

We have treated more than 200 top athletes.

Our Outstanding Achievements

  • A member of the prestigious group “The Leading Hospitals of the World.”
  • The best private hospital in the Republic of Croatia by the “International Certification Association” (ICERTIAS)
  • Top-Quality medal (QUDAL - QUality meDAL)
  • “Scientific Center of Excellence for the Personalized Medicine in the Republic of Croatia” - Ministry of Science and Education
  • Prestigious title “Superbrand 2016” in the category of medicine and healthcare.
  • “Best Hospital in the region” 2016, the Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.
  • Finalist of “The European Business Award” for Customer Focus.

To name just a few of our patients:

• Garry Kasparov (World Chess Champion)

• Marin Cilic (Winner of the US Open 2014 )

• Bojan Bogdanovic (NBA player: Brooklyn Nets)

• Mario Mandžukic (footballer: Juventus & Croatian National Soccer Team)

• Luka Modric (footballer: Real Madrid & Croatian National Soccer Team)

• Ivan Rakitic (footballer: Barcelona & Croatian National Soccer Team).

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