Copenhagen – The Happiest City in the World.

Copenhagen is known for its Nordic design, stylish architecture, prize-winning gourmet cuisine
and Tivoli Gardens.

Located in the south-east of Denmark on the islands of Amager and Sjælland, it is one of the largest cities in northern Europe yet smaller than other major European city hot spots but still rich in culture and attractions and much less daunting.

This compact, friendly Nordic city is fi lled with things to see and experience and it won’t be long before you’re familiar with the cobblestone medieval streets, the canal walks and the colourful townhouses.

Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations not just in the Nordics, but for people all across the globe.

What Makes Copenhagen so Special?

“Venice of the North” - The capital is surrounded by the sea. A river cruise is highly recommended to appreciate its beauty.

  • One Of The Cleanest Cities You’ll Ever Visit.

  • Danes Are The Happiest People In The World.

  • Everybody Speaks Perfect English.

  • LEGO – Denmark’s most famous export.

  • The World’s Best Restaurant - Noma has been voted the best restaurant in the world on numerous occasions. Nordic cooking is now among the most progressive in the world.
Danish Pastries - They are so good that the name has travelled all over the world.

  • A Shoppers Delight - From local boutiques through to the biggest brands and designers in the world Copenhagen has it all.

  • Tivoli Gardens - One of the quaintest parks you will see in a city. It’s wonderfully unique.

  • Nyhavn - The colourful buildings are home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city.

  • The Monarchy - Amalienborg Palace - Probably one of the most liked and respected royal families in the world. The Danes are proud of them and their palace is a must visit.

Why We Love Copenhagen:

1.5 hour flight from the UK

  • Clean, Safe City

  • Everyone speaks English

  • People are friendly
Easy to walk around

  • Excellent Food

  • High Quality

  • Low Crime

  • Cheaper treatment than the UK

  • Enjoy the sights of Copenhagen


Why Choose Dermatology and Plastic Surgery in Copenhagen:

  • No Waiting Lists

  • Immediate Treatment

  • Highly Experienced Doctors
Fluent English Speaking Clinic

  • Relaxing Clinic Environment
Friendly Staff with a human empathy and approach

  • Cheaper Costs than the UK
Treatment Prices include all costs – Consultation,Treatment, Histology, Follow Up Consultation

  • Quick Diagnosis & Lesion Removal

  • MOHS Surgery is not easily available in the UK


Leading Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Copenhagen

This pioneering MOHS clinic is based in Copenhagen. The team comprises of specialists in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery who have performed over 1000 operations and have over 20 years experience making them some of the best specialists in the world for MOHS surgery.

Leading Private Hospital in Copenhagen

This Private Hospital is located near Copenhagen. The hospital has excellent doctors and is equipped with up to date technology. The medical specialties in the hospital include orthopaedic surgery, spinal surgery, hand surgery, general surgery, urology and radiology.

Leading Eye Clinic in Denmark

This superb private eye clinic is located in Copenhagen. Each year the clinic performs more than 10,000 consultations and surgeries. Aside from regular eye exams, and cataract surgeries they do a lot of blepharoplasty surgeries and secondary cataract treatments.

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