Leading Private Hospital in Denmark

About The Hospital

• Founded in 1992

• Wide range of over 30 medicalspecialities

• 200 staff, 36 clinic owners

• 30,000 patients treated annually

• 5,500 operations performed annually

What the Hospital Offers

What makes this private hospital unique is that the doctors are co-owners of the hospital, which means that you can expect a high degree of expertise, commitment and a strong focus on treatment tailored to your specific needs.

The specialists work closely together to determine the right diagnosis and treatment for you, ensuring the best and most successful outcome for your care. Their success rate and quality of treatment is very high.

Patients appreciate the settings which make them feel at home. The hospital buildings in Vejle are truly striking; a complex of large patrician villas, steeped in history and exclusivity, which have been converted into a unified and modern hospital.

This private hospital’s high quality of care has been documented by the Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare. It is the only private hospital in Denmark which has received the Award of Accreditation and certifi cation since 2010, when the accreditation programme was introduced.

The focus is on providing the best possible care during your treatment and we make sure that you are well informed.

Advanced Technology

This Private Hospital in Denmark is characterised by high quality and has the most modern surgical facilities and advanced technology such as MRI and CT scanners.

The goal is to provide the best possible treatment and make patients feel comfortable and well informed before, during and after their stay.

The Patient Experience

The hospital excels in providing around-the-clock world-class healthcare to international patients.

All patients are treated as individuals with the utmost empathy, respect and dignity at all times.

The experience starts upon arrival at Billund airport, where a chauffeur will be waiting to drive patients to the hospital, located just 20 minutes away.

Upon arrival at the hospital patients are met by their patient representative who will look after them for the entire duration of their stay.

It’s an extremely quick process and patients can expect to be settled into their room just 30 minutes after leaving the airport.

Each patient will be allocated a nice, private, en-suite room. Patients can use a reliable, complimentary wifi connection as well as a TV to ensure they are kept entertained during their stay.

After being settled in, patients meet with their surgeon to discuss the surgical procedure and can ask as many questions as they wish.

The atmosphere in the hospital is relaxed, yet extremely professional. There is a real sense of community within the hospital, with all staff working together to provide the optimal experience for patients.

Patients are accommodated on a full board basis during their stay at the hospital.

The meals served focus on healthy, nutritious ingredients and patients have a choice of meals every day. Meals are served in the patient’s room and the catering for the hospital comes from one of the best restaurants in Velje.

The Rehabilitation Department is where patients do their daily physiotherapy with all patients being under the careful guidance of the lovely physiotherapists who are motivated to see their  patients achieve the best results.

Medical Specialities

• Anaesthesia

• Back pain / Spinal and Neurosurgery

• Paediatrics

• Cosmetic Skin Treatment

• CT scan

• Dexa scan / osteoporosis

• Ear and dizziness

• Eyes

• Facial redness and sweaty hands

• Foot and ankle surgery

• Gynaecology

• Hand

• Health Check

• Heart diseases

• Hip

• Hormonal diseases / endocrinology

• Knee

• Mammography

• Medical illnesses

• MRI scan

• Neurology

• Neurophysiology

• Neuropsychology

• Nose and sinus

• Organ / gastro-intestinal diseases

• Overweight / obesity surgery

• Pain / interdisciplinary (allévia)

• Pain / single modality

• Plastic surgery

• Prostate cancer

• Psychologist and business psychologist

• Rheumatology

• Shoulder and elbow

• Skin diseases

• Throat and mouth

• Tooth and implants

• Tumour surgery

• Ultrasound scan

• Urinary tract diseases

• Varicose veins / vascular

• X-ray



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