The Leading Private Hospital in Estonia

A Hospital Created To Exceed Expectations

Perfectly equipped to suit your needs.

Located in a gorgeous nature filled part of Tallinn, this is the largest private hospital in Estonia.

With more than 25 years of experience, a team of leading experts and surgeons, 4 operating rooms and an in house intensive care, the hospital is perfectly equipped to meet all medical demands and surpass your expectations. Providing a high level of service and a pleasing experience during every step of your stay is their speciality.

In addition to leading health assessment and diagnostics solutions, the hospital is the preferred choice for surgical procedures due to the cutting edge technology used in the operating rooms, the quality of the specialists, doctors and surgeons and their unmatched level of service.

Results To Be Proud Of

The Art of Surgery

Surgical procedures are our core focus. We specialize in orthopaedics, bariatric surgery, otolaryngology, urology, gynaecology, general surgery and plastic surgery.

All our surgical procedures are performed by renowned surgeons with decades of experience, international training and an immaculate track record. With more than 25 years of experience and over 4000 surgeries performed annually, this hospital is the first choice for anyone that require surgical procedures.

When possible, surgeries are performed endoscopically (the operation will be carried out without opening the abdominal cavity), which guarantees the best cosmetic effect and the speedy recovery of the capacity for work. With gynaecological procedures, procedures are performed endoscopically 90% of the time.

All surgeries inevitably carry risk. To mitigate this risk, we also house an 8-bed intensive care unit, equipped to deal with even the most challenging situations.


The aim is to achieve the best result possible with every procedure. This means, in addition to top-level procedures, they take equally great care of patients after surgery and during the rehabilitation phase.

The team of rehabilitation experts consists of rehabilitation medicine specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists and other specialists necessary to achieve the best possible recovery result for each individual patient.

The recovery procedures and therapies at the hospital are customized to meet the need of individual patients. In addition to physical therapy and occupational therapy, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, paraffin and mud therapy as well as other therapies are implemented.


The hospital rooms feature 2 beds – offering the patient and their companion accommodation in the same room. All rooms are ensuite with a digital TV, WiFi, fridge, hair dryer and other amenities. Full board basis is provided for patients and companions. For patients requiring a specific post-surgery diet, special meals will be provided.

The hospital is a partner to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) for ambulatory cardiology, neurology and hospital treatment in the fields of gynaecology, rehabilitation, internal diseases and otolaryngology.

Specialists From More Than 20 Fields

• Orthopaedics

• Bariatric Surgery

• General Surgery

• Plastic Surgery

• Rehabilitation

• Paediatrics

• Oncologist-Breast Cancer Speciality

• General Practice

• Urology

• Paediatric Orthopaedics

• Otolaryngology

• Dentistry

• Cardiology

• Speech Therapy

• Endocrinology

• Gynaecology

• Dermatovenerology

Main Fields of Competence

• Knee Joint Replacement

• Hip Joint Replacement

• Arthroscopic Procedures

• Gastric Sleeve

• Gastric Bypass

• Mini-Gastric Bypass

• Revision Bariatric Surgery

• Hernia Surgeries

• Gallbladder Removal

• Hysterectomy

• Ovarian Cyst Removal

• Bartholin’s Cyst Biopsy

• Varicose Veins Surgery

• Paranasal Sinus Surgery

• Uterine Prolapse Surgery

• Sterilization

• Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery

• Facial Plastic Surgery

• Rhinoplasty And Otoplasty

• Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Diverse Methods To Tailor The Most Effective Solution For Every Patient

• Electrotherapy

• Laser Therapy

• Magnetic Laser Therapy

• Water Therapy

• Massage Therapy

• Paraffin And Mud Therapy

• Expressive Therapy

• Paediatric Rehabilitation

• Cryotherapy



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