Uncover Germany’s bewitching and pulsating cities.

Germany has something for everyone. From Berlin with its stunning monuments such as the Bradenburg Gate and its hip and trendy take on fashion and music to Stuttgart with its strong cultural heritage and vibrant night life Germany is certainly a country that will never disappoint.

No matter where you decide to visit you will always be pleasantly surprised.

There is Dusseldorf, a fashion and cultural centre, Frankfurt with a river at its heart with more than 60 museums to visit, and Hannover with narrow winding streets and attractive shops. Munich is modern and cosmopolitan with the famous Marienplatz with its hustle and bustle and Cologne never fails to win over visitors with its historic cathedral and lively bar scene around the Alter Markt and Heumarkt – oh not to mention its chocolate museum!

Why not take time to discover why Germany has a growing culinary reputation whether you are looking for traditional cooking or an experimental Michelin-star experience.

The one thing for sure is that you will never be short of things to discover in Germany.


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