Leading Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery Clinic

Opened in 1992, this luxurious highly respected private orthopaedic clinic performs the latest techniques for ligament reconstruction, joint replacement, spinal surgery, and arthroscopic foot, knee and ankle surgery.

The orthopaedic specialists always aim to preserve patients’s own joints for as long as possible. The underlying cause of pain and immobility is treated with the smallest possible intervention. Minimally invasive surgical techniques, partial prosthesis and inlays are commonly used instead of total knee and hip replacements and are performed with precision. This range of skills preserves the chance of natural mobility and a quick recovery after surgery.

The orthopedic surgeons are educated to the highest medical standard.

Each specialises in a particular field of orthopaedics. Within this field they have a proven track record of practice and of scientific research.

Together with the highly qualified medical personnel and nurses, the patients receive the most of attention to allow a fast recovery.


  • Modern techniques such as cartilage graft and biological cartilage regeneration to preserve joints and natural mobility (ACT – Autologous cartilage transplant
  • Certified Ecxcellence in Joint Replacement surgeries (Arthroplasty)
  • Post operative care with modern physiotherapeutical methods, such as the anti-gravity-treadmill or the ZRT® Matrix-Therapy
  • All diagnostics such as MRI, ultrasound, digital X-ray etc. available on premises
  • Personal case manager leading the patient during their stay 
  • Short term schedules available, organising all necessary diagnostics on one day and a surgery within the next 2 days
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