Leading Orthopaedic Centre - Munich

This leading Ortho Centre, overseen by an eminent orthopaedic surgeon, is based in a modern, exclusive clinic in the heart of Munich. The clinic is a member of the 'leading hospitals of the world' and as such offers the highest standards in hygiene and medical equipment. It has also been recently refurbished offering an experience that is more akin to a luxury hotel than hospital.

The clinic can be easily reached via public transport from the airport. In Munich and the surrounding area there are plenty of excellent hotels making it an excellent base to explore, giving very interesting historic insights into the Bavarian way of life.

The centre's leading Professor is an internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon. He completed his practical training in many areas of the world, (Switzerland, Australia, Soviet Union, South Africa and various Arabic States) and regularly lectures to medical students at the University of Heidelberg.
His specialities are minimal invasive joint replacements (Endoprothesis) and modern therapies for repairing meniscus and cartilage damage/reconstruction of the anterior & posterior cruciate ligaments. He is also one of the leading specialists in Stem Cell Therapy, using the body's own cells rather than someone else's.

Unlike a lot of surgeons he takes great pride in looking after all his patients himself. From the first consultation until the final handshake, he is there to help and answer all questions.

A clinic that feels more like a hotel and a surgeon who feels more like a friend make this an excellent location for those who need to feel as comfortable as possible.



  • Minimal invasive joint replacements
  • Meniscus and cartilage damage/ reconstruction of anterior & posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Elbow  Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Surgery
  • Ankle Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Stem Cell therapy
  • Non-operative treatments including acupuncture,Magnetic field in OA treatment, microwave therapy, chiropractic
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