Leading Hospital in Albania

This leading Albanian Hospital Group is a member of the world renowned American Hospital Association, founded in 1898 and which has 5,600 organizations and 41,000 individuals as members.

The hospital was opened in 2007 and is the first private hospital group in Albania. As such, it is the leader in the private sector health service in the country and boasts facilities and staff that are equal to the top hospitals in Europe.

Many patients come from nearby countries, including Italy, for treatment, as it offers some of the most advanced medical procedures in the region including aorta surgery, cornea transplant, kidney transplant and cochlear implant.

There are almost 800 employees working for group which consists of 5 hospitals located in very strategic places in Albania (2 of them in Tirana, 1 in Fier, 1 in Durres) and 1 in Kosovo (Prishtine). Each of the hospitals in Tirana can accommodate more than 100 in-patients at the same time, giving all the very same high standards in care.

The hospital group has taken the standards of Health Service in Albania to the very highest level.

All the required certifications. (ISO) have been achieved and they boast a group of very talented doctors and support teams in a range of medicine.

These include orthopedics, cardiovascular surgeries, general surgeries, plastic surgeries, urology, eye surgeries etc.

The secret to it's success is the most modern technology, the professionalism and devotion of the doctors, managers and all the other employees. With facilities that are the most modern and among the best worldwide, this leading Albanian hospital group will redefine your expectations of healthcare.


A huge range of health services are covered by this group.

They have very specialised teams to follow the patient in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

A specialised team in cardiovascular surgeries with its leader Professor Neyyir Tuncay Eren who has done thousands of heart surgeries during his long and successful career.

The orthopaedic team lead by professor Kenan Bayrakci and his great team are equally renowned.

Other areas are covered by this excellent group including full health check ups and diagnostic testing.

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