A high-quality, efficient healthcare system and a stunning northern European location make Norway a popular healthcare destination for patients seeking medical treatment and surgery.

Often described as the 'Home of Skiing', Norway is situated in Scandinavia, northern Europe with Sweden, Finland, and Denmark as close neighbours.

The country has a varied and stunning landscape with it's world famous fjords voted 'Top Unspoiled Travel Destination' by National Geographic Traveller.

Museums and historical sites throughout Norway contribute to spreading Norwegian culture to visitors through attractions such as the Vigeland's Park, the Viking ships and the Munch Museum in Oslo.

Our private hospital is located in Ullensaker, a municipality in Akershus which is just a 10-minute drive from the hospital is Norway’s largest international airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

The administrative centre of the municipality is the city of Jessheim, a small but fast growing suburb to Norway’s capital Oslo.

City & Nature

Ullensaker has a population of around 35,000 people, and Jessheim is the municipality’s center for commerce and regional service functions. The city is surrounded by a scenic, flat landscape ideal for bike and horse rides.

The landscape along the ravines and some lakes can be dramatic but extraordinary.

Romerike Landskapsvernområde, a stunning ravine surrounded by vegetation and birdlife, is just a five-minute walk from the hospital.

Shopping & Culture

Jessheim Storsenter (a large mall) is located in the center of the town. The mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in Norway. Here you will find most of the large and small chain stores, exciting niche stores in all industries and a varied and wide range of cafes and restaurants. Jessheim is also home to Ullensaker Kulturhus which is a cultural center with a library and cinema.

Attractions & Transport

Close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the Gardermoen Culture Park. Here you’ll find the Norwegian Air Force’s airplane fleet and the Scandinavian Airline Museum.

Ullensaker is conveniently well-connected to the main airport. Plus, the town has great roadways and public transport in general, making it easy to navigate by car, train or bus.


Leading Hospital in Norway

This luxurious private hospital in Gardermoen, close to Oslo, is the most modern and accessible hospital in Norway. The hospital is built and designed with the patient in mind. The hospital adheres to the highest standards of patient care and cleanliness. For patients looking for the best levels of care and a caring, human empathetic approach, there’s simply no better choice.

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