Serbia, located on southeast Europe’s Balkan peninsula, is a small country with a population of around 7 million people.

The Serbian people have a real zest for life and are renowned for their genuine, emphatic hospitality.

Serbs are highly educated and can speak more than one language.

Serbia is well known for its sporting achievements, having won gold medals in a multitude of sports and two of the country’s most prominent sporting heroes - Novak Djokovic and Nemanja Vidic are Serbian.

Food standards are very high and there is a real emphasis on eating organically, seasonally and locally.


Belgrade is the capital and largest city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe.

This “white city” is built at the confluence of two big rivers – the Danube and the Sava.

It’s a modern European city with a population of about 1.7 million people.

The place where Belgrade is today has been inhabited from ancient times and it’s name the “White City” comes from the name of the fortress that when looked at from the Pannonian side and the rivers appears white.

The city never stops growing and across the river is New Belgrade (Novi Beograd) - the center of Serbia’s business.

Numerous international companies are located there as well as major shopping malls and the Belgrade Arena which has hosted some world famous events like the Eurovision song contest.

A visit to Belgrade wouldn’t be complete without visiting a famous “kafanas” (traditional Serbian taverns) in Skadarlija and enjoying the delicious Serbian food & hospitality.

Top 10 Sights

• Belgrade Fortress
• Skadarlija
• Church of St Sava
• Knez Mihailova Street
• Nikolas Tesla Museum
• Residence of Princess Ljubica
• Belgrade Military Museum
• Museum of Yugoslav History
• Stari Dvor & Novi Dvor
• Historical Museum ofSerbia


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