Leading Eye Hospital Llubljana

Sight is an invaluable sense, which enables us to experience and understand the world that surrounds us. The goal of this internationally renowned Eye surgery center is to improve your eyesight to the highest possible degree and to ensure you the optimal quality of sight.

As a patient you come first. From the moment you walk into the facility, you will feel how important you are. They have set themselves the highest goals concerning quality and safety. They use the latest and best technologies and implants. Furthermore their system for ensuring and maintaining quality is accredited by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001:2000 standard. This ensures all work processes are precisely defined and monitored.

This leading Eye surgery Centre is one of the leading centers for cataract and refractive surgery not only in Slovenia, but also in the wider region. In cooperation with other renowned institutions and acknowledged experts from abroad, they have introduced many important innovations in the field of surgical treatment of cataract, refractive errors and corneal diseases.

Trust is developed through personal and direct contact between the patient and the doctor, as well as other medical staff. The basis for this is professional competence, respect and openness. The team of experts at the eye surgery centre consists of experienced and highly educated colleagues for whom the best medical care and comfort of our patients always come first.

This leading Eye Surgery Centre offers an opportunity to view the world in a new way. With leading medical staff and world class facilities your sight will be in very safe hands.


  • Cataract Surgery
  • Refractive surgery
  • JCI Accredited
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