Leading Barcelona Eye Hospital

The clinic was founded in 1978 and its aim is to provide specialized Eye Surgery in a leading hospital with highly qualified ophthalmological surgeons.

The clinic has the most experience, not only in Spain but in Europe, in Cataract Surgery.

They have performed over 150,000 cataract procedures and have undertaken over 600,000 diagnostic and therapeutical cases. They have carried out over 9000 surgical procedures for vitrectomy, glaucoma, transplants, etc.

The clinic is a pioneer in introducing innovative new technologies and has introduced:-

  • Laser Surgery with Nd Yag
  • Computerised Perimetry
  • Refractive Surgery with Laser Yag
  • Cataract Surgery with Laser Erbium Yag
  • Excimer laser surgery

The Clinic is located on the 6th floor of the Delfos Medical Centre and offers the very best safety conditions and health-care quality for our patients.
Also the centre has all necessary services on site; including laboratories, diagnostic imaging services (CAT, magnetic resonance, X-rays), cardiology, etc...This means that if you need to have any other tests they can be performed on site.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure:

This means that patients are checked in on the day of the operation. For example, if the operation is done first thing in the morning, patients can eat lunch out of the hospital without any problem. The outpatient nature of the cataract procedure and the immediacy of check in translate into a short travel time and low travel costs, where trips are normally a maximum of 3 days. In this way, patients will not have to undergo long postoperative treatment, forcing them to stay in Barcelona for long periods of time.

Spectacular improvement for patients:

For patients, there is generally an astounding improvement in their condition, as patients cannot see well before the operation and leave with much better vision, reflected in visual acuity indicators, whose values show enormous increases. One can conclude that undergoing cataract surgery is absolutely worth it due to the incredible improvement in visual acuity.



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  • Cataract Surgery
  • Laser Surgery
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