Leading Hospital in Barcelona

This leading hospital in Barcelona is located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi residential neighbourhood of the city. An area which still retains a friendly village atmosphere - a world away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city centre.

The hospital is extremely committed to maintaining an environment that puts every patient first. In doing so they have developed a system of targeted prevention alongside outreach and awareness activities that benefit the health and well being of patients and their families.

This philosophy of excellence with social and ethical management, forms the backbone of all the actions of the hospital, ensuring a constant commitment to the needs, expectations and satisfaction of all their patients.

Professional excellence

Their multidisciplinary teams enable patients to be thoroughly and comprehensively assessed.
They achieve this by using the most advanced diagnostic technology to identify illness early on and begin treatment straight away - one of the reasons why many patients choose to be treated at this hospital.
The specialists at the hospital have proven international experience. They are committed to the comprehensive supervision of the patient, taking care of their health and making sure their stay is as pleasant as possible.
This holistic approach helps promote an early recovery for patients.

Recognised throughout Europe

The unique skills and approach of this hospital has helped build a reputation that is recognised not just in Spain but Europe-wide.
This commitment to excellence has been officially approved with the furnishing of numerous European awards and prizes such as the EFQM European Seal of Excellence 500+ (the highest level of EFQM recognition), the Excellence for Quality in Hospitals Award and the Healthcare Company Social Responsibility Award.

The quest for achieving excellence, dedication and the superb treatment of patients make this leading hospital in Barcelona a truly world class healthcare destination.

Core Medical Competencies

            -  Orthopaedic/Spinal Surgery

            -  Radiology

            -  Cardiology

            -  Vascular / Visceral Surgery

            -  Urology

            -  Oncology

            -  Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

            -  Maxillo Facial & Cosmetic Surgery

            -  General Surgery

            -  Eye Surgery

            -  internal Medicine Unit and Early 

            -  Pain Pathology Unit

            -  Gastrointestinal Unit: 
Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy

            -  Intensive Care Unit

            -  24 Hour Emergency Unit 

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