Leading Hospital in Marbella

This leading hospital has been operating in Marbella for the last 20 years, mainly specializing in fertility.  In January 2015 it opened its brand new doors in a purpose built construction, and added many new treatment areas to it’s reportoire.

Drawing on its expertise in innovative healthcare and patient understanding, the hospital is introducing a new concept in healthcare that focuses on a patient’s personalised treatment in most medical specialities, using the finest facilities and latest technology.

International medical team and coordinators

The hospital has a multi-lingual team that will be able to attend patients in their native language.

The international coordination team is available 24 hrs a day for patients from all over the world. The team has proven years of experience to provide the best counselling to each individual case.

During the treatment, the team is in permanent contact by telephone, Skype or email. This will ensure that all concerns are promptly solved and stress is avoided.

The medical team at this leading hospital has been selected to ensure that the best professionals in each medical specialty treat the patients.

Why Marbella?

The hospital is located in a natural paradise of the Costa del Sol only 500m from the sea.

Marbella enjoys more than 300 days of sun thanks to its micro climate. The great quality of life in Marbella lies behind its setting, its people and its culture. This way of life creates a feeling of well-being and rest that is well appreciated by patients coming to this superb hospital for treatment.

Core Medical Competencies

  •    Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  •    Internal Medicine
  •    Psychology
  •    Allergy
  •    Otolaryngology
  •    Urology
  •    Dermatology
  •    General Surgery
  •    Orthopaedics
  •    Plastic Surgery
  •    Fertility Treatment
  •    Asthetics
  •    Vascular
  •    Midwifery Clinic
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