Switzerland - The Luxury Destination at the Heart of Europe.

Switzerland offers a diverse range of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy, which includes exploring the country’s history, nature and scenery, whether visiting in the full beauty of summer or the snowy, picturesque winter.

It is known for its natural beauty. The Swiss Alps make up 60% of the land and are some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed and some of the best hiking trails in the world.

The luxurious destination of Switzerland is renowned for watches, chocolates, the stunning alps, cheese and banking. Aside from these,

Switzerland boasts some of the world’s most famous inventions – they created Velcro, cellophane, the Swiss Army Knife, absinthe, the potato peeler, Helvetica font, muesli, edible chocolate gold and milk chocolate to name just a few.

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and lies at the heart of Europe.

Zurich has for years ranked among the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life. It is a boutique city that offers everything.

The cosmopolitan city by the water combines creative urban life with nature in all its glory. Zurich is abuzz with activity day and night with its countless events, diverse museums, food festival and most vibrant nightlife.

Swizterland is a gourmet’s paradise. Zurich has one of the highest numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants per inhabitant in Europe. The city’s rustic pubs, street food festivals and pop-up restaurants are also extremely popular.

Swiss cuisine combines influences from German, French and North Italian cuisine. Traditional specialities include Cheese Fondue, Rosti, Bircher muesli and, of course, swiss chocolate.

A great area to visit outside of the city centre is Feusisberg, located a short 45-minute drive from Zurich airport. Feusisberg has lovely views over Lake Zurich. In winter the prestigious Hoch Ybrig Alpine resort is very popular with its abundant skiing, hiking and mountain-biking trails to discover. Nearby Einsiedeln is another popular location with its Benedictine abbey, which is a major Catholic pilgrimage site.

Fresh air, pure water, the swiss mountains and stunning views provide visitors to Switzerland with a deep sense of wellbeing. It is the perfect location to recuperate in after surgery.


The Leading Cardiology Clinic in Zurich

Switzerland’s first outpatient clinic for cardiac interventions (founded in 2015) offers a relaxed and familiar environment where you can feel comfortable and well-cared for.

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