Executive Health Check Ups

Operations Abroad Worldwide provide a complete diagnostic, surgery and rehabilitation service for all businesses and business professionals through our network of over 80 hospitals in 40 countries worldwide.

We offer extremely quick access for screening, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and surgical treatment whilst delivering clinical levels of excellence in patient care with enhanced patient diagnosis, treatment and recovery times.

There are different teams of specialists from many different fields who work together to ensure that your employees receive highly trained medical expertise coupled with clinical standards of excellence.

We strive to ensure that patients are treated quickly, with care, respect and dignity and with the highest level of service throughout the whole process. 

We provide a Fixed Price Package for all diagnostic tests and surgery procedures which includes all the costs from treatment diagnosis through to post-surgery discharge.

We arrange all types of diagnostic services such as :-

  • CT Scan - Computed Tomography
  • ECG - Electrocardiography
  • MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • SPECT- Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
  • Arthroscopy
  • Ultrasound
  • X-rays
  • Bone scans
  • Full Blood Tests
  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy

Full Diagnostic Tests can be arranged within 24 hours.

We also arrange all types of surgery including elective surgery and emergency surgery procedures throughout the world which might be needed for the patient’s recovery.

Elective Surgery procedures can be arranged within 7 days and emergency surgery procedures within 24 hours.

Executive Health Check Ups

We specialise in arranging Executive Health check up packages throughout the world.

Health check ups are an excellent way to identify disease and health issues in their early stages, before they have a chance to progress to something more serious.

The prevention and early detection of any health related issues in their early stages can be life saving for the patient.

It can also significantly benefit the health and quality of life of your employees and, the efficiency of your business.

Are you looking for:-

  • Improved productivity and efficiency of your business
  • Cost savings through lower employee absence rates
  • Improved staff retention – show your staff you truly care about their well-being
  • Healthier workplaces

If so, then Operations Abroad are ideally placed to assist you.

There are different levels of executive health check ups available, from a basic health check up right through to our most popular fully comprehensive Executive health check up package including a full body MRI scan.

The fully comprehensive Executive Health Check up package includes a detailed MRI of the following areas: Skull, Brain, Arteries, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Aorta, Bladder, Prostate (male), Ovaries / Uterus (female), Pelvis, Hip joint and Lumbar Spine.

All the body areas will be examined in a harmless MRI scanner to create a detailed medical evaluation of your body.

You will also have full blood tests together with tumour marker checks to provide a detailed evaluation of your personal health situation.

After the check up has been completed, patients will receive a detailed medical report together with the full records for all the results.

We also ensure that if the check up results discover any abnormal findings, then we will work together with the patient to arrange any necessary treatment needed.

In one day (24 hours) patients will receive:

  • A comprehensive medical history review and physical exam by an internal medicine specialist
  • A full range of preventative screening tests such as Blood tests, Ultrasound *, X ray *, Colonoscopy *, Gastroscopy * and a Full Body MRI (* where needed)
  • A heart (cardiovascular) fitness evaluation
  • A review and update of medications, vaccinations and immunizations, including those needed for international travel
  • A lifestyle assessment including review of nutrition, stress management, alcohol, tobacco, and other indicators of disease
  • If there any medical problems discovered in the health check up process, then treatment options will be fully explained and discussed with the patient

Working Together with Operations Abroad Worldwide

Operations Abroad Worldwide are dedicated to working with Businesses to assist with their employee’s diagnostic, surgery and rehabilitation needs.

We have a dedicated Business development team who work directly with Businesses throughout the UK.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss your requirements then please contact our Business team on business@operationsabroadworldwide.co.uk or by telephone at our dedicated Business line on 0161 236 3211 or 0800 081 0018.

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