NHS Partnerships

Are you an NHS Trust or CCG looking to offer an alternative solution which will benefit your local area and your patients?

We can work together to ensure that your commissioning will be collaborative, comprehensive and clinically led.

We are an organization which is based on providing patients with immediate access to medical treatment throughout the world.

Our main principles, when working with NHS Trusts and CCG's are based on:-

  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Prioritising patient demand
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Empowering CCG’s and patients through sharing the best approach to their care
  • Ensuring patients are fully informed about their medical treatment

Operations Abroad Worldwide, NHS Trusts and CCG's can now work together, following the four main principles below:-

Step one: Analyse and plan the process together
Step two: Design and implement patient pathways
Step three: Specify and procure the services
Step four: Deliver the service and make improvements, where necessary

Operations Abroad Worldwide’s partner with NHS Trusts and CCG's to ensure the below main principles:-

  • Accessibility – There are no waiting times for patients having medical treatment abroad. We ensure patients are treated for diagnostic tests within 48 hours and for surgery procedures within 7 days
  • Capacity – We can arrange over 15,000 surgery procedures per month throughout our network of hospitals.
  • Quality – All our hospitals are internationally accredited hospitals. They work to international standards with ISO accreditations
  • Service – Operations Abroad are committed to ensuring that patients experience a seamless booking process from start to finish
  • Cost Savings – Fixed Price Surgery Packages upto 70% cheaper than UK private hospitals
  • Cost Containment for the NHS Trust –Fixed Price Surgery Package Prices include 12 months post-surgery complication cover, ensuring no overruns on cost after the surgery procedure
  • Patient Choice – Patients are offered full choice over where and when they wish to have their medical treatment
  • Patient Satisfaction - Ensure patients are satisfied with every level of the service provided by operations abroad and your NHS Trust
  • Fixed Price Packages – all costs are included, i.e pre-operative tests, pre-operative consultations, consultant fees, surgery costs, hospital stay, hospital meals, physiotherapy, medication & post operative consultations whilst abroad)


  • To build partnerships together for the common good of the patients and to offer patients quick access to their required medical treatment, and to ensure patient choice and satisfaction.
  • To ensure that the service provided is patient focused and make changes where needed to ensure the smooth operation process for patients and the surgical outcomes
  • To ensure your NHS Trust meets waiting list targets and referral to treatment targets
  • To ensure your NHS Trusts receives high quality medical treatment
  • To ensure your NHS Trusts reduces and saves costs and ensures value for money
  • To ensure the contract system operates well, to serve strategic goals, and to invest wisely and manage risk appropriately.
  • Work together with Operations Abroad Worldwide for effective leadership and strategic planning
  • To provide an easily accessible, high quality service for your NHS Trust and your patients
  • Improve overall health outcomes for your local area

Operations Abroad Worldwide are dedicated to ensuring successful outcomes for both the NHS Trust and your local area.

Our vision is to work together, to look beyond the normal “status quo” and to offer a different and improved future for healthcare services.

Working Together with Operations Abroad Worldwide

Operations Abroad Worldwide are dedicated to working with NHS Trusts to assist the Trust with your commissioning requirements.

We have a dedicated NHS business development team who work directly with Trusts throughout the UK with a focus on ensuring that your Trust and your patients are receiving the very highest levels of service from Operations Abroad Worldwide.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss your local NHS Trust requirements then please contact our NHS Trust team on NHS@operationsabroadworldwide.co.uk or by telephone at our dedicated NHS Trust line on 0161 236 3211 or 0800 081 0018.

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