Cataract Surgery Abroad

Cataract Surgery Abroad

Why Choose to have your Cataract Surgery Abroad?

  • The surgery price is much cheaper than the UK - in some cases upto 50% cheaper
  • All surgery costs are included
  • You can have a choice of lenses
  • Expert eye surgeons who perform over 150 cataract surgeries per year
  • Have your cataract surgery at a specialist Eye Clinic abroad

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is when the lens, a small transparent disc inside your eye, develops cloudy patches. Over time these patches usually become bigger causing blurry, misty vision and eventually blindness.

The condition can affect one or both of your eyes.

It's one of the most common operations performed in the world, with a high success rate in improving your eyesight.

Why do I need Cataract Surgery?

You may have been diagnosed at a routine screening by an optician or you might have experienced the below symptoms:

  • Cloudy vision
  • Changes in colour vision
  • Glare while driving
  • Difficulty with reading
  • Glasses prescription changes
  • Double vision or ghosting of images (especially if only noticeable in one eye)

The aim of the surgery is to restore your vision to the pre-cataract state by removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial one.

However, if you had vision problems prior to developing cataracts (whether you were short-sighted or long-sighted), surgery can also correct your vision.

If you usually wear glasses or contact lenses, you can choose a multifocal lens implant which could mean that you'll no longer need to wear your glasses or contact lenses.

Before having your cataract surgery procedure, your ophthalmologist will test your eyesight and recommend the perfect lens for you.

Currently, there is no other treatment for cataracts other than surgery.

Locations available for Cataract Surgery Abroad:

  • Cataract Surgery in Albania - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in Cyprus - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in Iceland - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in the Netherlands - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in Russia - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in Slovakia - For more information click Here
  • Cataract Surgery in Spain - For more information click Here

Pricing for Cataract Surgery Abroad

The prices for Cataract Surgery Abroad vary depending on the location chosen for your surgery.

Pricing starts from £1175.00 and includes:

  • All surgery charges (Pre & Post Operative Consultation Fees, Surgery & Operating Theatre Fees, Surgeon Fees, Anaethetist Fees, Lenses, Pre-Operative Laboratory Tests)
  • All return transfers when overseas from the airport to the hospital

Flights are not included however we can assist with finding the cheapest flight options for you and providing you with the website / contact details to make your flight booking.

If a companion wishes to travel with you, the only extra costs are for their flights & accommodation.