Knee Replacement Abroad

Orthopaedic_Knee.jpg Knee Replacement Abroad

Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility with Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

Why Choose to have your Knee Replacement Abroad?

  • Package price much cheaper than the UK - in some cases upto 50% cheaper
  • All surgery, hospital, specialist, implant & physiotherapy fees are included
  • Physiotherapy for 14 days is included in the package price
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement techniques are performed
  • Choice of implants (prosthesis) are tailored to the individual patient
  • Expert surgeons performing over 200 knee replacements per year = lower complication rate
  • Extremely clean hospitals = lower risk of infection
  • A companion can stay in the hospital room with the patient (in some locations)

The main benefit of a Knee Replacement operation is for the relief of pain.

Patients may also notice an improvement of function, allowing them to walk easier and further.

Daily activities should become more comfortable and their quality of life improved.

Why do I need a Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is usually necessary when the knee joint is worn or damaged to the extent it gives you pain, stiffness, instability or loss of function that affects your daily life and activities. The cause of this damage is usually due to osteoarthritis or rheumatism.

A Knee Replacement operation is a procedure to replace a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint.

There are two types: the Total Knee Replacement and the Half Knee Replacement.

The most common is the Total Knee Replacement which is where both sides of your knee joint are replaced.

If only one side of the knee joint has to be replaced this is called a Half Knee Replacement - also know as a Unicompartmental Knee Replacement.

Our orthopaedic surgeons use the latest surgical methods and where possible minimally invasive knee replacements are performed.

Knee Replacement Abroad - Advanced Surgical Techniques

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Abroad

The Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement procedure is where the surgeon uses one or two shorter incisions. The goal of using shorter incisions is to reduce pain and speed up the recovery process.

The benefits of minimally invasive knee replacement have been reported to include less damage to soft tissues, leading to a quicker, less painful recovery and more rapid return to normal activities.

Robotic Knee Replacement Abroad

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the most recent advances in medical technology making knee replacement surgery easier and more successful than ever before.

Orthopaedic surgeons can now customise knee replacement surgery to closely match the unique anatomy of each patient. This results in a precisely fitting, long-lasting, and well-functioning knee implant. It also means your surgery will require less bone removal and tissue damage than it would with traditional surgery.

The robotic knee replacement technology uses state of the art technology which generates a 3D virtual model of your joint based on a CT scan. Based on this model, your surgeon uses the system to create a personalized, detailed pre-operative plan for your entire surgery. This pre-surgery planning allows your surgeon to achieve the most precise results.

Other benefits of robotic surgery include:

  • More accurate placement and alignment of joint implants
  • Potential for longer lasting joint replacements
  • Potential for smaller incisions and less blood loss
  • Reduced damage to surrounding tissues

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Regaining your range of motion and strength after total knee replacement surgery is critical to regaining your ability to do the things that are important to you.

Rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery begins on the day of surgery. Patients begin with simple exercise activities and patients will get up and out of bed to practice walking using a walker or crutches.

During your two weeks of phsiotherapy, the team will work on your mobility, strengthening and walking. You'll also learn how to get in and out of a chair and begin exercises that strengthen the muscles. The team will also help prepare you for tasks such as washing, dressing and other daily activities.

An intensive rehabilitation programme ensures that our patients are restored to mobility in the quickest yet safest way. Patients undergo at least 2 sessions of physiotherapy for 30 minutes each session, twice a day whilst abroad.

Our physiotherapists use the very latest rehabilitation treatment techniques and their methods have been proven to rapidly restore patients to mobility prior to taking the flight back home.

Locations available for Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad:

  • Knee Replacement in Austria - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in the Czech Republic - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Denmark - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Estonia - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Germany - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Italy - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in the Netherlands - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Poland - For more information click Here
  • Knee Replacement in Spain - For more information click Here

Pricing for Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

The prices for Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad vary depending on the location chosen for your surgery.

Pricing starts from 5995.00 GBP and includes:

  • All hospital charges (pre-operative tests, consultant fees, all associated surgery costs, implant fees)
  • Physiotherapy fees for 14 days whilst abroad - 2 sessions per day of 30 minutes each
  • All accommodation on a full board basis whilst in the hospital
  • A personal contact at the hospital to take care of you throughout the process
  • All return transfers when overseas from the airport to the hospital by a driver from the hospital

Flights are not included however we can assit with finding the cheapest flight options for you and providing you with the website / contact details to make your flight booking.

If a companion wishes to travel with you, the only extra costs are for their flights, accommodation & meals.