The Patient Process

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The step by step process explains our standard procedure when arranging your medical treatment abroad from your initial enquiry through to when you return back to the UK after your operation.

1. Initial Enquiry

Contact our highly knowledgeable, professional team on our freephone number 0800 328 1347, by email or by completing the enquiry form on our website.

An information pack will be sent to you detailing the services provided by Operations Abroad Worldwide together with information on the appropriate hospital for your operation.

You will be asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire which provides us with detailed information to your personal health situation.

2. Follow Up

Upon receiving your enquiry one of the Operations Abroad staff will contact you with full details regarding your requested treatment.

3. Booking your Operation Abroad

Once you have made your decision to have your operation abroad then we will finalise your booking and commence making all the necessary arrangements for your operation.

A suitable travel date will be decided with you, a detailed itinerary will be prepared and the price quotation is finalised.

At this point a confirmation letter will be sent to you with all details regarding your operation, together with a Patient Order Form which you will need to sign and return to us.

4. Payment

Full payment should be received by ourselves a minimum of 7 days prior to your departure from the UK.

Payment can be made by cheque to Operations Abroad Worldwide Ltd or by bank transfer to our company account.

All monies are then transferred by ourselves to the overseas hospital prior to your arrival so you do not need to worry about the financial aspects of your trip - you only need to take your spending money.

Once your payment has been received your confirmation documentation is sent to you (which you need to take with you on your trip).

5. Departure for your operation

Please ensure that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

You will need to check in and board your flight. Wheelchair assistance is arranged for any patients who need it.

Upon arrival at the overseas airport you will be met by a representative from the hospital in the arrivals area. A driver will then take you to the hospital.

6. Hospital Arrival - Consultation with your Surgeon - Pre-op Tests

When you arrive at the hospital you will meet with your designated patient care manager, who will be your main point of contact at the hospital. You will be shown the facilities, have your pre-op tests and meet with your Consultant surgeon. Your consultant will explain all about the procedure you are having done and you have the opportunity to discuss and ask any questions related to the operation directly with your surgeon.

You will check in to your hospital room.

Your anaesthetist will visit you and will explain what to expect post operatively. You will also meet the nursing staff who will be responsible for looking after you during your hospitalisation period.

7. Post-operative Care

Once your operation has been completed and you are discharged from the hospital, you will need to stay nearby the hospital for your post-operative period until you return back to the UK.

If necessary you will continue any physiotherapy and rehabilitation during this period.

You will be given contact details for the hospital and also for your designated patient care manager.

8. Departure from overseas airport

You will be accompanied to the airport by a representative from the overseas hospital. Again, where required, wheelchair assistance will be arranged for your journey home.

You will be given 7 days worth of medication together with full medical notes detailing what medical treatment you have received. The medical notes are to be passed to your GP so that your medical records are kept fully up to date.

9. Aftercare

If at any stage upon returning to the UK, you have any general questions or queries relating to your surgery procedure then please contact us immediately and we will arrange for the surgeon or for one of the hospital staff to contact you by telephone at a time convenient to yourself.

If you experience any pain when you are back in the UK, then please contact us immediately and we will discuss the further options directly with you.

10. Follow up upon return home

Once you are back home then one of Operations Abroad's staff will contact you to ensure that you were satisfied with the service provided.

We will also post to you a Patient Feedback Questionnaire which we would kindly ask you to fill in and return to us. This helps us to ensure our patient’s satisfaction by ensuring that we are meeting our patient's requirements in all aspects of our service and also making any improvements to our overall service where needed.

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