Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

World-Class Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation in the World's Finest Rehabilitation Centres

Our rehabilitation centres abroad provide you with world class care, state of the art facilities and an expert team of dedicated healthcare professionals, all of whom are focused on your recovery and helping you to achieve your goals.

Our rehabilitation clinics are true specialists in MS rehabilitation and the rehabilitation programs are provided by a multidisciplinary team who have an abundance of experience in MS rehabilitation.

The multidisciplinary team consists of doctors, rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, cognitive therapists and many more.

MS patients receive a tailor-made treatment plan which is dedicated to their individual situation and abilities which helps MS patients who have many challenges to overcome.

MS patients frequently experience tiredness so the treatment plan is assessed daily to make sure it fits with how the patient is feeling.

The medical teams work together with state of the art equipment to provide the most appropriate treatments for patients.

Treatments are focused on physical exercises such as strengthening, aerobics, stretching, posture and encouraging a whole range of body movement.

Secondly treatment focuses on things which are non physical such as nutrition, psychological support, speech therapy & how to manage feeling tired both physically & emotionally.

MS symptoms differ greatly from one person to another and this is why a personalised treatment plan is essential to achieve the optimal results.

Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Abroad

We offer both inpatient rehabilitation where 24 hour medical care is provided and outpatient rehabilitation for those who prefer to have some independence during their rehabilitation treatment.

For further information on MS Rehabilitation Abroad, please contact us on 0161 236 3211 or complete the enquiry form here and one of our team will help you further.

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