Rehabilitation after Surgery

World-Class Rehabilitation in the World's Finest Rehabilitation Centres

Our rehabilitation centres abroad provide you with world class care, state of the art facilities and an expert team of dedicated healthcare professionals, all of whom are focused on your recovery and helping you to achieve your goals.

Have you had a Hip or Knee Replacement?

Our main priorities if you have had a hip or knee replacement are to:

  • Provide you with specialised hip / knee therapies to ensure you get your strength and mobility back quickly
  • To support you emotionally and physically through the rehabilitation process, and to encourage you to achieve the best recovery
  • To help you regain your independence as quickly as possible.

Patients have a minimum of 14 days intensive physiotherapy after a hip or knee replacement which ensures patients are rehabilitated to their optimal health in the safest, quickest way.

Personal Treatment Plans

Your rehabilitation treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you and based on your requirements and what the best treatment and rehabilitation therapy would be for you.

Your treatment plan is adjusted every day based on how you’re progressing.

We know that everyone is different and so we’ll make sure that your treatment plan is:

  • tailored just for you
  • reviewed daily to ensure you’re making the best progress
  • based on up-to-date best practices

Family Members Welcome

If you’d like a family member to accompany you during your rehabilitation, it's no problem.

All rooms are private en-suite rooms so they can stay in your room with you & be with you for every step of your rehabilitation.

Are you recovering from Back Surgery or an Injury to your Back?

If you’ve recently had an injury to your back, we know it can be incredibly debilitating.

While many people who have a back problem can recover fairly quickly, sometimes more intensive therapy will be required to help to regain lost strength and mobility.

This rehabilitation can involve physiotherapy, exercise and the use of specialised therapeutic equipment.

If you’re trying to recover from a serious back injury or operation and are finding it hard to function physically, back rehabilitation can be the best way to help you adjust, adapt, recover and regain a level of independence for yourself.

For further information on having your rehabilitation abroad contact us on 0161 236 3211 or complete the enquiry form here and one of our team will help you further.