Leading Cairo Pyramids Hospital

The concept for this hospital was founded in 1992 - today, located some 32 km from Cairo, the hospital provides state-of-the-art healthcare in the areas of cardiac, thoracic, vascular and nervous diseases.

In seeking the expertise of one of the leading cardiac medical centres in the USA - the Cleveland Clinic - including technical, medical and administrative support, this hospital is able to deliver world class healthcare to patients worldwide.

This 88 bed facility is equipped with the most up to date, sophisticated and modern medical facilities - and the core team of surgeons have been trained in major cardiac care centres worldwide including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Texas Heart Institute, Washington Hospital Centre and Harefield Hospital in the UK.

Affiliation with the most renowned cardiac institutions in the world has established this world leading hospital as a specialised hospital, offering the highest standards of medical care in a professional, personalised environment.


Specialist Services:

  • Cardiac services
  • Thoracic services
  • Vascular services
  • Neuroscience services
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • General Surgery

Supporting Services:

  • Radiology services
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Laboratory investigations
  • Haemodialysis facility
  • Dental clinic
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