Leading Hammamet Private Hospital

The hospital is a multi-specialty private hospital and medical care facility that is committed to being a premier health care provider for patients worldwide.

Led by experienced physicians and a well-trained team of medical staff, this acute care medical and surgical center, with a 90-bed capacity, offers a wide range of general care and specialized medical services.

Established in 2003 and equipped with modern facilities, the clinic is situated in the resort city of Hammamet, a favorite destination and a popular tourist attraction on the Eastern coast of Tunisia.

A large modern reception area, comfortable patient rooms and a cafeteria on the top floor overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, all combine with the very latest medical technology to make this hospital among the world’s finest hospitals.

Services Departments & Facilities:

• General Surgery

• Neurosurgery & Spinal surgery

• Vascular surgery

• Cardiology

• Orthopaedic

• Urology

• Gastroenterology

• Plastic Surgery


• Ophthalmology

• Endoscopy

• Radiology

• Laboratory

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