The Leading Dental Clinic in Cyprus

This outstanding dental clinic opened in Limassol, in 1997.

Their constant desire to improve and upgrade the services offered to the patients, led to the creation of a state-of-the-art clinic, consisting of dentists of all dentistry specialisations.

The clinic features a well-trained team consisting of ten persons.

The Dental Clinic has always been a staunch advocate of dental technology advancements in dentistry and is duly informed of the current global trends in dentistry.

The ultimate objective is to take the overall experience of the patient to another level.

By utilising modern technology, the clinic optimises the use of cutting-edge laser technology, digital panoramic X-rays, an ultra-modern tooth whitening system, a studio room taking Digital Smile Designer (DSD) photos as well as the orthodontic ones, a fully equipped dental laboratory and of the most advanced practice in digital dentistry – robotics.

The team of the clinic consists of five dentists, one of whom is a Digital Smile Designer (DSD) instructor, three dental assistants, two receptionists as well as its own fully digital dental laboratory with experienced technicians.

Every dentist specialises in a different field, enabling the clinic to offer targeted services to its patients for the best possible results.

The Team’s constant education in all modern methods in the world of dentistry, is an essential ingredient for the success of the dental clinic.

Besides overcoming and confuting the myth of the traditional fear of the dentist, this dental clinic aims to properly serve its patients by offering them the most appropriate solutions to their medical or aesthetic problem. At the same time, the clinic keeps evolving its advanced practices and techniques to improve and enhance your smile.


  • General Dentistry (Estheti fillings, Root Canal Treatments, Digital X-rays, Scaling and Polishing etc.)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Smile Makeover, Veneers, Crowns and Bridges, Teeth Whitening)
  • Digital Smile Design (DSD)
  • Dental lasers (Fillings, Gum recontouring, treatment of gum disease etc.)
  • Digital and Robotic Dentistry (Cad/Cam)
  • Oral surgery (Implants, Cyst removal, Bone and Tissue augmentations, Extraction of impacted teeth etc.)
  • Orthodontic Treatments (Metal and Clear Braces, Lingual Braces and Invisalign)
  • DSD: Digital Smile Design is a digital design of the smile by means of the study the relationships between the teeth, gums, and lips of the patient in order to plan their treatment virtually. Photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment improve the interaction between patient and dental specialist.


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