Leading Orthopaedic Clinic - Cologne

As an orthopaedic centre of excellence, this leading clinic offers top medical standards in the treatment of complaints of the human musculoskeletal system all in an environment with a first class ambience.

Their doctors and nursing team specialise in Rapid Recovery after knee and hip athroplasty - an
enhanced recovery concept - and are one of the first private clinics in Germany to receive quality certification for acute pain therapy.

Orthopaedics is so complex that often several head physicians are required, each a specialist in a specific field of orthopaedics. In this clinic, they have all of these specialist chief physicians in one place. The close-knit exchanging of technical knowledge, unrivalled co-operation and excellent availability of the head physicians creates an “on-site principle” that means patients get the very best of care all in one location.

The main focus of treatment at the clinic are hip and knee endoprosthetics, foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, sports medicine, knee, shoulder and spinal surgery. With their own intensive care ward, four operating theatres, an outstanding range of medical equipment and a comprehensive range of services, they are among the leading European centres of excellence for orthopaedic surgery.


  • hip and knee endoprosthetics
  • foot and ankle surgery
  • hand surgery
  • sports medicine
  • knee surgery
  • shoulder surgery
  • spinal surgery
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