Leading Private Hospital in Poland

They guarantee the widest medical offer in their region which includes comprehensive specialist care in over 50 specialties, a modern operating theatre, medical imaging, same-day surgery, and rehabilitation, providing the patients with a whole therapeutic cycle.

The group cooperates with over 100 top specialists - outstanding figures of Polish medicine, including national consultants, clinic managers, professors and habilitated doctors - with extensive professional experience and the best clinical background.

They work in accordance with the latest guidelines and global standards of treatment for patients to ensure the highest quality of services.

And all this is located in a modern hospital in one of the most beautiful parts of Poland.

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists

The hospital has a modern operating theatre, allowing procedures to take place in the cleanest of environments and all implants and surgical instruments are of the highest quality.

Only first class experts provide care at the hospital, each having many years of experience in their fields.

The hospital ward is equipped with modern private in-patient rooms with air conditioning and en-suite bathroom facilities.



• Shoulder replacement

• Hip replacement - read here about a Hip Replacement Patient's Experience

• Knee replacement

• Ankle replacement

• Knee joint arthroscopy

• Arthroscopic meniscus repair (with implant)

• Arthroscopic reconstruction of cruciate ligament

• Trigger finger correction

• Surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

• High tibial osteotomy (HTO)


• Bunion treatment – hallux

General Surgery

• Laparoscopic removal of stones from gallbladder

• Gallbladder removal

• Hernia surgery

• Laparoscopic hernia surgery

Spinal Surgery

• Treatment of spondylolisthesis in the lumbar spine

• Treatment of spinal fracture

• Long-segment spine stabilization

• Removal of transpedicular fixation from spine

• Spinal canal stenosis decompression in the lumbar spine

• Invertebral disk removal

• Vertebroplasty

Vascular Surgery

• Removal of varicose veins with VenaSeal glue

• Laser removal of varicose veins

• Removal of varicose veins with the Flebogrif system

• Removal of varicose veins with radio waves

• Removal of varicose veins with the classic method

Bariatric Surgery

• Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery

• Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

• Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding

• Gastric balloon placement

• Gastric balloon removal


• Tonsilectomy (tonsil removal)

• Removal of adenoid

• Removal of adenoid and tonsillotomy

• Balloon sinuplasty

• Endoscopic surgery

• Nasal concha surgery

• Endoscopic larynx surgery

• Parotid gland removal

• Surgical treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea


• Hygroma / spermatic epididymal cyst surgery

• Removal or destruction of testicular lesion

• Periurethral cyst excision

• Urethral caruncle excision

• Tongue frenulum surgery

• Phimosis surgery

• Scrotal hygroma removal


• Removal of breast lumps

• Diagnostic hysteroscopy

• Operative hysteroscopy

• Diagnostic laparoscopy

• Operative laparoscopy

• Removal of endometriosis lesions

• Removal of uterine fibroids

• Ovarian electrocautery

• Ovarian cyst removal

• Removal of Fallopian tube hygroma

• Clearing blockage of Fallopian tubes with laparoscopic assistance

• Coagulation of endometriosis lesions

• Ovarian tumour removal

• Hysterectomy

• Removal of uterine appendages

Aesthetic Medicine And Plastic Surgery

The hospital offers also a full range of plastic surgery procedures, aesthetic medicine procedures and cosmetic treatments.

The best specialists in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, as well as world-class HiTech devices guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Plastic surgery includes a wide variety of procedures. Whether you would like to remove scars or wrinkles on your whole face, or increase the size of your breasts – your safety is most important. Our surgeons are professional and top in their fields, and all procedures are conducted only in an operating theatre.


Plastic surgery of the face includes the following procedures: facial implants, nose correction, ear correction, lifting, eyebrow lift, eyelid plastic surgery, reconstruction of chin and ears, hair transplant.


Plastic surgery of breasts is one of the most commonly selected plastic surgery procedures among women. Besides wanting to have fuller breasts, the reasons might be enhancing their shape, lifting them or correcting the difference between them, also by making them smaller.


Plastic surgery procedures for the whole body include:

• stomach surgery

• Body Jet Evo water liposuction

• upper arm and thigh plastic surgery

• gynecomastia

Liposuction and Lipotransfer

Water liposuction is a good solution for people who struggle with fat in places which are difficult to correct with traditional methods, such as waist or thighs. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, so it does not require hospitalization.

The greatest advantage of the method is that a concentrated stream of a water-based solution is introduced to the fat tissue through a special catherer. The substance stimulates the movement of fat without the risk of damaging blood vessels or nerves, which could happen during traditional, surgical liposuction. Moreover, BodyJet EVO enables transferring the fat into a selected location (breasts, buttocks, face, etc.) right after removing it. Lipomodelling naturally regenerates the body, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Multidisciplinary Dental Clinic

Renowned Specialists

A state-of-the-art dental clinic offering comprehensive dental care in all areas.

They only cooperate with experienced and reputable dental specialists from all specialisations, guaranteeing patients the highest quality and full range of services. All doctors working at our clinic participate in numerous specialization courses and international dental conferences.

Dental Treatment Under General Anaesthesia

Many people are afraid of the dentist, which often leads them to seriously neglect the state of their teeth.

An appealing solution for such people is treatment under general anaesthesia.

Quality And Comfort Above All

The group work in accordance with the most modern guidelines and world standards of dental treatment

• They practice four-handed dentistry (doctor+assistant), which shortens the length of procedures and increases the patient’s comfort

• They use the highest quality materials

High Technology Dental Clinic:

• Super-comfortable Stern Weber S300 dental units

• Top class Zeiss EXTARO 300 microscopes at every unit

• X-ray machine at each unit

• Top quality Computer Tomography and Pantomography

• Dental surgery procedures in the operating theatre


Comprehensive conservative and endodontic management

Firstly they draw up a treatment plan, limiting the number of visits to the necessary minimum. In this way, they shorten the treatment process to one or two days, depending on the complexity and scope of the patient’s problems.

Dental surgery & Maxillofacial surgery

The group has an operating theatre that meets the highest standards. They perform all procedures in the field of maxillofacial surgery and dental surgery.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a solution that not only gives the patient the greatest comfort, but also guarantees durability of the restoration.

The dentists use the most proven and renowned implantology systems such as MIS Implants Technologies, Straumann or Astra Tech.

The highest quality implant systems ensure the safety of the procedure, guaranteeing the best results and full satisfaction of our patients.



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