Leading Private Hospital in Bucharest

The foundation of this private-owned hospital, 16 years ago, was born from the necessity to respond to the actual needs and expectations of the patients.
The moment a patient enters our hospital, we receive him the way we would ourselves wish to be received as patients: with respect and understanding, with human warmth and a special calm which comes from professional competence.

The hospital offers in-patient or out-patient care in more than 30 medical specialties for detection, early diagnosis and monitoring of your health problems. The development of the inpatient treatment unit was considered very important in the last years. Since 2012, the hospital has 85 beds, for surgical and non-surgical treatments.

A team of enthusiastic and highly qualified medical staff is waiting for you, starting with teaching staff from the University of Medicine, senior physicians and other specialists.

All medical care is provided by leading medical experts with many years of experience in their respective fields whilst the hospital complies with SR EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

The hospital has exceptional technical equipment, state of the art instruments for all the medical investigations and therapies offered. For a rapid and accurate diagnosis, the medical team has a modern medical laboratory at its disposal, connected to an electronic system for fast and accurate data transmission. Imaging department (CT and MRI equipment, X-ray, videoendoscopy, ultrasound, bone density) has the latest equipment, which allows a wide range of examinations with minimum radiation level, at international standards.

The surgical unit contains five ultramodern operating room where are performed the following operations: ear, nose, throat surgery, general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, thoracic surgery, urologic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is a modern minimally invasive surgical treatment, used in our hospital for the real advantage it offers to the patients: faster post-operating recovery than in classic operations, post-operating comfort improvement, post-operating complications reducing, patient's life quality improvement.

The medical staff, the proceedings and the last minute technology are all put at the patient’s discretion in a pleasant decor. The high quality of the medical services can be foreseen in the elegant accommodation conditions.





Hernia Surgery

Gallbladder Surgery

General Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery



In-Patient and Out-Patient Care

Full Health Check Ups

Surgical Unit

Medical Laboratory

MRI, CT, full diagnostic and radiology department

Complete physiotherapy and rehabilitation services


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