Leading Hernia Specialists in Paris

The surgeons who are absolute specialists in Hernia and Abdominal Wall surgery provide you with the most appropriate individually tailored approach for every patient to ensure an early return to daily activities, work and leisure activities and to minimize the incidence of chronic pain, which is commonly observed with the standard methods of surgical repair.

Furthermore the objective of these surgeons is to provide patients with a success rate of 99% so that there are less than 1% of recurrences.

The modern, safe and effective methods are based on Laparoscopic Surgical Repair, which allows an early return to full activity.

Laparoscopy (keyhole) surgery is performed by three small holes to introduce the camera and operative instruments so the surgeons can access the inner aspect of the abdominal wall to perform the surgery.

The modern, safe and effective methods used by these excellent surgeons are performed in day case surgery and aimed at facilitating early return to full activity and providing a good quality of life.

Compared to the traditional groin incision, the small size of the orifices reduces the damage to the abdominal wall, resulting in minimal postoperative pain, what enables very fast recovery.

The small scars rapidly become invisible. There are no stitches to remove, no nurse care is needed, showers are allowed as soon as the day after surgery, walking and moving are recommended and return to full activity is up to the patient feeling.

In addition to the best in class surgical treatment, we pay a special attention to patient comfort and wellness with a personalized approach and a real closeness with their surgeons and anaesthetists.

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